How to prioritize tasks the right way?

In our busy lives, knowing what to do first can be tough. But with the right approach, you can tackle tasks like a pro, saving time and stress. This guide is here to help you do just that. Join us as we explore easy ways to prioritize tasks. We’ll cover simple techniques like using lists and focusing on what matters most. By the end, you’ll have the tools to manage your tasks like a champ and get more done in less time. Let’s dive in!

What’s a prioritization technique?

It’s a tool to help you decide which tasks to do first, considering things like how important they are and when they’re due. When you have a prioritized list, you can use it to politely decline unnecessary meetings and sudden requests, making your time more effective.
Prioritization techniques aren’t just for work tasks. They’re handy for balancing priorities from family, friends, and even those spontaneous side projects your brain loves to come up with.

A prioritization technique is a method or approach used to decide the order in which tasks should be completed based on factors like importance, deadlines, or resources available.

Task prioritization techniques

Here are some popular prioritizing techniques for doing tasks:


Eisenhower Matrix:

This technique categorizes tasks based on urgency and importance into four quadrants: Do First, Schedule, Delegate, and Don’t Do.




ABCDE Method:

In this method, tasks are labeled from A (most important) to E (least important), helping you focus on high-priority items first.

Pomodoro technique


Pomodoro Technique:

This involves breaking work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes each, separated by short breaks, to enhance focus and productivity.

Time Blocking:

Allocate specific time slots for different tasks or categories of tasks to ensure they receive adequate attention. 

time blocking technique


GTD (Getting Things Done):

GTD emphasizes capturing all tasks and ideas, organizing them into lists, and regularly reviewing and updating them.

Weighted Scoring Model:

Assign numerical values to tasks based on factors like importance, effort required, and potential impact, then prioritize accordingly.

MoSCoW Method

The Ivy Lee Method



MoSCoW Method:

Tasks are categorized as Must-Have, Should-Have, Could-Have, and Won’t-Have, helping prioritize based on criticality.







The Ivy Lee Method:

At the start of each day, list the six most important tasks to accomplish and prioritize them in order of importance.


Eat That Frog:

Popularized by Brian Tracy, this method involves tackling the most challenging or undesirable task first thing in the morning.

Eat That Frog Method

Ranking by Pairwise Comparison:

Compare tasks two at a time and determine which is more important until a complete ranking is established.

The ABCDE+F Method:

Similar to the ABCDE Method, but with an additional “F” category for tasks that can be delegated to others or deferred to a later time.

Time Management Matrix:

Popularized by Stephen Covey, this matrix divides tasks into four quadrants based on urgency and importance, guiding prioritization and focus.

The Rule of Three:

Focus on accomplishing three main tasks each day, ensuring they are the most important and impactful tasks to move you closer to your goals.

SWOT Analysis:

Assess tasks based on strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, allowing you to prioritize tasks that leverage strengths and opportunities while mitigating weaknesses and threats.

swot analysis technique

Value vs Effort Matrix



Value vs. Effort Matrix:

Evaluate tasks based on the value they bring versus the effort required to complete them, prioritizing tasks that offer high value with minimal effort.


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