Task Management in Atwork

Use the Atwork panel’s various features to manage tasks visually and smarter than ever.

Atwork Kanban
Smart Sheets

Customize tables according to your needs and use them to manage your tasks.

Use Kanban Board

See tasks on the Atwork Kanban board and turn each task into a card; enjoy watching the process of getting things done.

Import and export

You can freely enter and retrieve any information. You can use this feature soon.

Any Type of Data

You can have any type of data you desire in your sheet. Yes, any type.

Simplified Management

With helpful filters and sorting tools, you can efficiently manage your data.

Share Your Sheet

You can always share your sheets with anyone you want.

Assign Tasks

Easily assign tasks to your team members or receive tasks for yourself.

Graphical features

In Atwork system charts, graphs, or images facilitate your management to achieve your goals.

Make the smartest decisions possible at all times using the diverse features of Atwork.

Atwork Dashboard
Customize Dashboard vector

Customise Dashboard

Customize Atwork's Dashboard to Suit Your Preferences and Needs

atwork dashboard
A Variety of widgets vector

A Variety of widgets

At Atwork work management dashboard, you'll find a diverse array of widgets to help you achieve your goals effectively.
This feature will come soon.

visual dashboard vector

Visual Dashboard

Everything is visual on Atwork's dashboard so that you can see the information in the shortest time possible

Share Your Dashboard vector

Share Your Dashboard

You can always share your entire dashboard with anyone you want.

Atwork Features

Atwork Workplace

workplace info Atwork

Workplace Info

Safeguard Your Company Information with Confidence on the Atwork Platform. Seamlessly Integrate All Your Branches for Unified Data Security and Accessibility.

job Atwork

Jobs Or Positions

Effortlessly Expand Your Team with Atwork: Streamline Member Onboarding and Gain Comprehensive Control. Elevate Workplace Management with Real-time Insights and Unleash the Power of Atwork as Your Ultimate Smart Assistant.

employee Atwork

Workforce or Employee

Explore Atwork staff task management software and workflow management system. With features like folder creation, sheet personalization, industry templates, and smartsheet integration, you can enhance productivity and streamline your work.

employee Atwork

Recruitment Management

Atwork recruitment management features include job posting, candidate database, applicant tracking, interview scheduling, candidate assessment, communication tools, reporting and analytics, and integration with HR systems.

Atwork Attendance Feature

Atwork offers amazing features for managing employees, and within the attendance management system, we have the following:
  • Shift Management
  • All Employees Requests
  • Real-Time Tracking Software
  • Leave Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Integration with Payroll
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Historical Records

With Atwork Features Take a Control of Your Staff

Atwork Attendance

AI Assistant

AI Assistance

If you need assistance or encounter any issues with Atwork, AI is here to help

Unlock full potential with AI intelligence

Atwork Document management

You can upload your files, manage them daily, and easily share them with your teammates.

 Delete your data whenever you wish. Yes, we can store your data on your server, ensuring that none of it remains with us. Atwork operates under European security laws.

Atwork Calendar

Date Display

Time Zones

Event Creation


calendar Atwork


With the Atwork system, you can easily communicate with your colleagues. Get notified as soon as possible.

Make Groups

Create and engage in group chats to enhance professionalism and elevate your communication.


To achieve your goals more efficiently with Atwork, you can easily discuss and coordinate various aspects of your tasks and projects

Frequently asked questions

You can enjoy many of Atwork’s workplace management system features for free; however, this offer is limited to three members of your workspace. With the purchase of Atwork’s subscription plans, you can effortlessly access all of Atwork’s features.

Indeed, Atwork, as a workforce management platform, offers a wide array of features. We are continually enhancing our platform, so stay tuned and revisit us for even more exciting updates and features!

Work management features typically include task and project management, collaboration tools, document management, time tracking, automation, reporting, scheduling, resource allocation, access control, notifications, and integrations.


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