Atwork Solution
for Human Resources

If you work in human resources, the Atwork platform makes it easy to handle employee onboarding, offboarding, finances, and purchases based on your preferences. We have many useful tools just for you.

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Atwork for Human Resources

  • Optimize Workforce Attendance Management

    For attendance management, we provide: clocking in and out, leave management, reporting, calendar integration, advanced analytics, overtime management, and workforce information.

  • Grow with Atwork: Talent Management Simplified

    Atwork workplace management gives you: recruitment and applicant tracking, performance management, learning and development, talent analytics and career development tools.
  • Learning & development

    In Atwork, you have collaboration tools that you can use for employee learning, view their chats, and even create chat groups for various projects or teams.

  • Free Yourself: Let Atwork Automation Handle Repetitive Tasks

    Say goodbye to repetitive tasks. Let Atwork's automation handle the workload, freeing up your time for more effective task management. Our team continually enhances the system, making it smarter with each update.

  • Atwork Task Management: Simplify Your Workflow

    As an HR manager, you can efficiently oversee your team using Atwork's intelligent Task Manager. Easily assign tasks and monitor your employees' work progress.

  • Direct message to a specific individual

    Atwork messaging allows HR managers to send confidential, one-on-one messages to specific individuals, facilitating private and secure communication for HR-related matters. With Atwork you can even chat with AI and ask your questions.

Discover skilled employees

Atwork empowers HR professionals to effortlessly categorize and access employee skills and talents through user-friendly tables and categories.

Say goodbye to the hassle of information retrieval and eliminate the need to repeatedly check CVs; Atwork ensures you’ll never lose valuable data.

Centralize Your Team Data with Ease

  1. Personalized profile for every employee.

  2. You can check out employees’ workflows.

  3. Access all your teams’ information.

  4. Simplify HR for your team or improve task management.

  5. With Atwork, you only need one platform to store and categorize all your information

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