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Atwork Management System is a dynamic and all-in-one platform designed to improve workforce and work environment management and provides you with a set of useful tools that can be customized.

In simpler words, by using Atwork, instead of using dozens or hundreds of software for your business, you only use one smart platform.

Due to its customization capability, Atwork is perfectly adapted to your needs, and it is suitable for things such as customer relationship management, human resource management, task management, etc. To get more information about Atwork’s feaures, please see this page.

Atwork is designed to be different for businesses, whether you can use Atwork as a freelancer with limited needs or companies with hundreds of employees.

Atwork itself supports a wide range of data types, allowing you to load any type of data into the panel.

Atwork is an international company, therefore it complies with European data protection laws. If you are interested in this field, please contact us through the phone number listed on the website or online chat.

There are several choices for entering information into the Atwork management platform, which include:



Web Socket

or manually

At every stage, from getting to know the Atwork platform to buying advanced plans, Atwork technical support and sales are completely free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have any questions regarding the use of Atwork after watching the educational videos and demos of Atwork, we are always at your side and you just need to contact us through the communication methods listed on the Atwork website.

Atwork is the first business management platform in Iran that fully supports Persian and English languages.

The Atwork team is ready to provide free advice through the contact numbers listed on the website and online chat to make sure you buy.

Atwork has an artificial intelligence assistant that you can ask your questions throughout the process and do more important things instead of just searching the internet. Atwork’s artificial intelligence is currently training to give you the best and smartest answers in a completely personalized way based on your needs and job position.

It is possible that each user has special access based on his job position, which is determined by the general manager.

Yes, it is possible to use Atwork for free using 3 users for each organization. For detailed information on Atwork pricing and plans, please visit the Atwork pricing page.

Atwork’s smart platform has the possibility of automation, and you can do some of your work using the possibility to send SMS and e-mail as well.

Atwork’s smart platform has the possibility of automation, and you can do some of your work using the possibility to send SMS and e-mail as well.

Atwork can replace tools that have applications such as task management, human resources, organizational dialogues, form builders, and CRM, some of its international peers include:

Trello, Jira, Monday.com, Asana, ClickUp

Atwork team is always improving the panel to organize your criticisms and suggestions, but there will be no interference in the panel.

It is possible to use Atwork as a CRM, so it has all the features that a customer communication panel should provide, while customer relationship management is improving and improving.