Workplace Management

Let me clarify, Atwork is not a tool for managing workspace; it’s a software designed to meet the needs of employees and managers in different businesses. Now, let’s learn more about this feature of Atwork.

Atwork Workplace management

Enter Your Bussines Information

  • Optimize Your Organizational Details with Atwork’s Management Platform. 
  • Seamlessly input your workplace information, including company details and branch specifics.
  • Enjoy convenient accessibility for efficient and professional company management, accessible to both you and those you choose.
workplace information Atwork

Create Teams

  • Set up your Teams account on the Atwork workplace management platform for efficient handling of performance in the workplace.
  • Build teams for different business departments.
  • Assign the members of each team to the respective team and monitor their work.
Atwork team management

Jobs or Positions in Atwork

At Atwork, you have the ability to assign specific roles to individuals. This ensures clarity and organization for everyone working in your business, regardless of their location, along with clear visibility into their respective teams.

jobs and position in Atwork

Atwork's Integrated Platform for the Environment

  • It is also possible to create a folder for each employee, so that if there is a need to save a file related to an individual, it can be placed there.
  • Various tables are also at your disposal in Atwork to categorize the information more regularly.
  • All the jobs and information of the employees are organized and organized according to your taste.
Integrated Platform

Why Choose Atwok?

User-friendly panel

AtworK panel does not require training

24/7 Tech Support

We are with you every step of the way

Free up to 3 Users

Yes, try free and for more information take a look at pricing page

Innovative Young Team

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Smart using AI

You have an artificial intelligence assistant

A workplace management system, encompassing workspace management, stands out as one of the best workforce management software solutions. It optimizes tasks from employee scheduling to resource allocation, fostering efficiency and collaboration in the workspace. Integrated tools for project management, employee performance tracking, and facility management contribute to its comprehensive capabilities.

Labor planning software, a component of modern workplace management, is a type of work force management software designed to streamline scheduling, time tracking, and resource allocation within organizations. It helps optimize workforce efficiency by automating tasks related to employee schedules, attendance, and task assignments.

Yes, Atwork is an integrated platform for business management, but note that Atwork is not an application for managing workspaces.

Atwork is an all in one workplace management solution and task management is one of our features.

Yes, because in Atwork every thing is managed you can enjoy change management, fore more information please take a look at Chang Management page.

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The use of Atwork is completely free for 3 individuals.