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Enjoy user-friendly tools to record student info, plan and manage time, and effortlessly handle tasks and classes. Upgrade your educational journey with Atwork – where simplicity meets efficiency!

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Easy Student & Teacher Info Control!

Make profiles for each student or teacher, add info easily, and manage changes quickly and effortlessly.


Atwork Simplifies Course File management

Atwork’s education solutions include streamlined document management for students and teachers.

Easily organize all your essential files in one place, ensuring nothing gets lost. Simplify your educational journey with Atwork.

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Be the Smartest in Planning!

Order is a vital element in the educational system. Plan smartly on the Atwork platform, where we offer an excellent Kanban table and calendar, ensuring the smartest approach to your scheduling needs.

Smart Branch Management with Atwork!

No worries! Atwork lets you input information for all your branches and assign each to its specific location. Even if you have numerous branches, our dedicated Atwork support team is ready to provide the best solutions with just a simple conversation.

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task management Atwork

Teacher's Task Mastery with Atwork!

Empowering You to Smartly Manage Every Task. Gain insights into your staff or colleagues’ real-time performance effortlessly.

Why Atwork?

We are continually enhancing the intelligence of the Atwork system.


Meet our vibrant Atwork team, bringing you cutting-edge artificial intelligence to up your game in education.

AI Assistance

At Atwork, use AI for smart support wherever you need it. Work smarter in education with intelligent solutions.

24/7 support

Available anytime, anywhere. With a presence in two countries, we're here for you around the clock.

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Atwork Features for Education

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Smart Sheets
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Spaces just for you
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Profie Management
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File management
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Sharing Tools

An all-in-one education solution

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