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In the healthcare staffing industry, managing multiple applications and paperwork is common. Atwork simplifies your daily tasks by providing a single platform for all your healthcare staffing needs, offering efficiency and the benefits of smart healthcare.

Atwork management solution for healthcare
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Atwork CRM for Healthcare

  • Unified Client Management:

Keep all client information organized with Atwork Healthcare CRM.

  • Effortless Automation:

Streamline workflows effortlessly using Atwork’s automation, 

  • Smart Data Analysis:

Gain insights with our intuitive dashboard, enabling data analysis for informed decision-making in healthcare practices.

  • Secure Data Hub:

Ensure data security with Atwork.

Next-Gen Health Records Management

Atwork makes managing your documents a breeze!

  • Just put in any document, organize it easily, and customize as you like.
  • You can use any data types you want.
  • Share your files with your teammate.

No training needed – it’s that simple!

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Atwork Workforce Management for Healthcare

  • Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS):
Atwork system help in managing employee data, payroll, benefits administration, and performance management.
  • Scheduling Software:
To efficiently schedule staff shifts and manage work hours.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems:
For managing patient information and coordinating care among healthcare providers.
  • Communication Tools:
Platforms that facilitate communication among healthcare staff, such as messaging apps or collaboration software.
  • Performance Analytics Software:
To analyze workforce data and optimize staffing levels based on patient needs.
  • Time and Attendance Systems:
To track and manage employee attendance and work hours.
  • Task Management Software:
For assigning and tracking tasks among healthcare team members.

Atwork Time Tracking Tools for Healthcare

  • Web-Based Time Tracking Software:

Online platforms that enable employees to log in and record their work hours, making it accessible from different locations and devices.

  • Integration with Scheduling Systems:

Integrating time tracking tools with scheduling systems helps in managing shifts, ensuring proper coverage, and avoiding scheduling conflicts.

  • Atwork Calendar:

A smart calendar is a digital, AI-integrated tool that offers synchronized, automated, and collaborative scheduling with features such as real-time updates.

Atwork timemtracking tools
Atwork medical management software

Atwork Medical Management Software

  • Appointment Scheduling:

Enables efficient scheduling of patient appointments.

  • Prescription Management:

Manages and tracks prescriptions and medications.

  • Integration Capabilities:

Integrates with other healthcare systems and devices for seamless data flow.

  • Reporting and Analytics:

Generates reports and provides analytics on patient data and practice performance.

  • Security and Compliance:

Ensures data security and compliance with healthcare regulations.


Atwork Features for Healthcare

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Smart Sheets
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Visual Dashboard
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Chat System
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Document Storage
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AI Assistance

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